Why Should You Join the Ranks of Businesses Going Green?

Facts about recycling

Did you know that United States is responsible for up to 30% of the Earth’s waste, and, every year, as many as 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated waste, storm water, and sewage ends up in American lakes and oceans? The U.S. is notorious for its overwhelmingly large carbon footprint, and for its frequent denials of global warming. To put it lightly, this is not good. Luckily, there are actions that American companies can take to encourage an eco-friendly environment. What measures help promote sustainability?

Start Small
Did you know that, according to the University of California, an estimated 33%-50% of Americans believe that global warming is a myth, or that, if global warming is occurring, it can be chalked up to natural causes alone? Knowledge about global warming, and environmental impact, especially in the United States, is largely skewed. Many Americans do not realize, on top of it all, that small gestures can do a great deal to improve air quality, and cut down on water and land pollution. What small gestures, especially in the workplace, go a long way?

Ever year, U.S. Men and Women use an average of 2.2 billion pounds of pesticides. It may take a bit of convincing to get your company to switch to green products and pesticides, but you can take initiative on your own. Instead of using standard cleaners, search stores for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to use around the office. Bringing in a plant for your desk is another, simple means of going green. According to the National Science Foundation, plants increase oxygen, reduce indoor pollution, and decrease the likelihood of Sick Building Syndrome. The syndrome, caused by germs trapped in carpets, decorations, and more, can result in common colds, eye infections, and increase the severity of common hay fever and allergy symptoms.

Think About the Bigger Picture

Counting your company among the many businesses going green is not a decision to be taken lightly. Going green can reduce the U.S. carbon footprint, improve employee health, and even increase employee productivity. According to a study in the Journal of Organizational Behavior, “Scientists say employees at eco-friendly businesses are better trained, more motivated and have better interpersonal relationships.” Furthermore, the same study reveals that businesses going green enjoy an increase in employee productivity of up to 16%.

How can businesses, as a whole, go green? There are 320 million Chinese without clean drinking water, and third-world countries dump 80% of all waste into local waters. The point is, viable drinking water is quickly becoming a scarce resource. Help out by replacing old appliances and systems with energy-saving models, instead.

Join the ranks of businesses going green. On a personal level, favor eco-friendly cleaners and bring in some plants to liven up your desk and office area. Encourage company heads to take similar energy-saving initiatives, like installing green appliances, when it comes time to replace things around the office.

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