When Owning a Carpet, Proper Maintenance is Key

Is air duct cleaning necessary

A carpet can be great to have installed in your home. In addition to being very comfortable, it actually limits the spread of allergens around the home by trapping them in a fixed area, as opposed to laminate and hardwood floors, which allows them to move freely bother people throughout the space.

That being said, the material can be rather high maintenance, and as such requires periodic professional carpet cleaning. Even before the carpet is installed in your home, it must be properly treated by being aired out for three straight days. This process can keep unstable organic compounds from negatively affecting the air quality in your house.

Historically speaking, carpet and carper cleaners alike have been unwieldy things. Armenian carpet weaving, which began in ancient times, has the reputation for being subject to the temperamental fabric. As such, only a handful of examples that predate Christianity are known to exist and are housed in museums and in private collections. These delicate carpets could never be cleaned by vacuum cleaners from the early 20th century, let alone contemporary vacuums. Early versions were run by coal, and were so large that they required three people to be properly operated. Other versions had to be either placed outside the building or put in the cellar with long hoses or pipes connecting the vacuum cleaner to the intended room.

Once your carpet has been installed, if you are a frequent smoker you may want to consider a carpet cleaning company that can conduct smoke damage restoration. This can be necessary because carcinogens that remain in the carpet can cause young children and pets to be susceptible to lung cancer.

When you do have professionals clean your carpet, you may want to have an air systems duct cleaning as well. If you have additional questions, comments, or suggestions about either carpet cleaning or air systems duct cleaning, see the section below and make your thoughts known. More.

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