Whats the Difference Between Racism and Racial Prejudice? – Infomax Global

We will look at the factors that make these terms different.

The definition of racism includes two parts: a prejudice against an individual because of their complexion and position of power enabling the person to adversely impact people’s lives. Every individual has their own kind of prejudice. It’s part of our human nature. From the earliest years that we live, we are continually influenced by the people that surrounds us — our educators, parents, media — and this can affect how we think about people who are different from ourselves. It’s true that power isn’t something all Americans are blessed with.

Black Americans face disadvantages not just because they are descendants of slaves, but due to the fact that this past persists to affect them in the present. The American law system is predominantly controlled by white people who are often unable to treat black people as legitimate citizens.

Unhappy feelings toward a race with no power is not racism, it’s the prejudice of racial origin. The US denies black Americans the right to vote and prevents their being discriminated against by whites.


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