Whats the Difference Between Family Medicine and Internal Medicine? – College Graduation Rates


you can spend hours contemplating yet not be able to come up with a clear answer for what program you’d like to take. Indeed, increasingly students are delaying or putting off making their choices until at the very least two years old. If you’re interested in medicine There is a lot more in the way of a comprehensive listing of possible career options that you could pursue. Research each area with a thorough understanding to help you get the most appropriate choice. To help get you on the right track, watch this video to understand what the major differences are between areas of family medicine and internal medicine.

An internist and a family physician are completely different. Family doctors can see many patients ranging all the way from infants to the elderly. Internal medicine physicians however, only deals with adults. Both kinds of research include a lot of the same education and training and skills, however family physicians are specialized in treating a wide range of size and age groups of patients. If you’re a fan of children, to treat children or any age bracket other than adult, then a family doctor-centered career path is perfect for you.


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