What Kids Can Expect at the Dental Office – How To Stay Fit

an be less afraid. This video will help you understand how children can be educated about going to the dentist.

Once they’ve checked in at the reception area, the child and parent will rest until a nurse arrives. A nurse will then get the parents and the child in the exam room and ask basic medical history questions.

When the patient has been set in an exam chair, the hygienist will take eye-to-eye on the area with a bright overhead lamp. For eyes protection the child is given an eyeglasses pair.

The dental hygienist will use the mirror and probe to look around the mouth for cavities or any other dental issues like plaque. The dentist then teaches youngsters how to clean their teeth at home.

The dental hygienist polishes cleans, and losses the teeth of the child. X-rays are then taken to have a closer view of the mouth of the patient. Each patient must take precautions and leave the room after the xrays have taken.

A clean report of fitness, the test has concluded and the child can go out to.


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