What Is The Secret to Interior Painting? – Las Vegas Home

wall, right? The answer isn’t so simple. A lot of people learn this on their own. There may be streaks of paint in the walls, and places where the paint appears darker and other areas where it is lighter. These can be the byproducts that are not properly prepared. Interior painting is preparation and understanding. You need the right technique as well as the appropriate equipment to get the job accomplished correctly. Interior painters will tell you similar things.

Find the best roller to complete your project. Make sure that the handle has enough length so that it can reach every area the paint is being applied to. Additionally, make sure your roller is strong enough for it to get into any cracks or gaps in ceilings and walls. Ceilings with popcorn, as an instance, requires the use of a more substantial roller than can be smoothed by a wall.

For technique, be sure you’re painting beginning from the bottom. Paint drips can result in drips falling onto previously painted areas. To avoid excessive drips allow the roller to run for a couple of seconds after sticking the bucket.


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