What Is the California Lemon Law? – Car Talk Podcast

The reason is that you don’t get called a “lemon”. It means that the car isn’t performing as it should. California’s lemon law protects customers from these types of vehicles. The law covers new cars, used, vehicles purchased from dealers lease cars, purchased vehicles, etc. In addition, the lemon law cover cars as well, but it’s also applicable to appliances, small planes and boats, trucks and much more.

If a dealership sells you a vehicle that is defective, they have to have the ability to repair it within a set number of days or a specified number of times to repair the issue. If you’ve received a false statement by the dealer, the legal requirements could apply to both you and your vehicle. It is possible to take your lemon law matter to the court. The dealer could replace the entire car or could buy it back. It is also possible to resolve the issue.

It is important for consumers to protect them from investing a lot of money in a car that isn’t working. It’s also a good thing for safety for everyone. If a car is sold and is not safe on the road and lemon laws can aid.


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