What Happens to Biohazard Medical Waste? – Biology of Aging

Other areas Management and disposal of biohazardous waste is managed by local, state, federal municipal, local, and state regulations. The first thing to do is identify the hazardous and non-hazardous garbage. You can find out the difference by contacting the local health department. They’ll tell you whether or not it’s safe to discard it. If you’ve decided that hazardous waste to be dangerous Contact your neighborhood Solid Waste Management District. Additionally, this is where all the trash from your home gets taken and disposed of.

The waste management office for biohazards will then send out a hazmat team to come and collect the waste. This team usually consists of at minimum two persons who have been trained on how to deal with hazardous materials properly. When the trash has been collected, it goes through an examination process. All items that might be harmful to the public’s health or the environment are removed and disposed of correctly. The waste then gets transferred off site which is then treated with chemical solutions and dumped in waste disposal sites. 8wqswmwulc.

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