Understanding What it Means to Post Bail – howtobecomeabailbondsman.com

of the country and created to enable people to be able to continue living their lives even if they are the accused are found guilty of an offense. It is essential to understand the importance of this system within the legal system of today.

The notion of allowing someone to post bail arose when the discovery of evidence was made available in court. It isn’t easy to gather evidence, so people who were convicted of a crime only to find out that they were innocent were held in prison until they could be proven before a judge. It had a major impact for people’s lives, including the loss employment, time, or houses. The collateral used to pay bail would typically be an amount of cash that court would hold till the conclusion of the trial. The court would retain everything or a portion of the collateral if the defendant was found guilty. Today, with bail bond companies, items of great value can be used to help people make bail, including cars and homes.

See the attached video for additional information about bail posting.


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