Traffic Violation Bail Bonds Vs. Felony Bail Bonds – Work Flow Management

In exchange for this service it is the amount of bail.
Drivers could get charged with a minor misdemeanor, or even a crime for more severe traffic offenses. Traffic violations are less likely to lead to an arrest than an felony but if it does it could mean jail time, fines of hundreds or thousands, or even probation. You can also be required to post bail to be released from custody when you are in court.
If someone is detained due to an offence involving moving the court will decide whether they qualify for bail. A court may allow you to be released without bail in the event that you’ve had no prior convictions for anything more than an infraction that was a misdemeanor.
A felony is a crime that can result in an amount of more than 1 year of imprisonment. Manslaughter, murder and kidnapping, as well as rape, sexual assault, certain forms of theft, certain DUIs as well as various other offences are examples of felonies. Each county’s Superior Court sets the bail amount. There are different types of crimes that require different bail amounts, depending on how serious the offence is as well as the punishment it may result in. tnqgi1guzv.

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