Three Reasons to Live in Santa

Homes for sale in santa fe

Did you know that the National Association of Home Buyers reported that in 2012 the most desired renovation in a new home was the bathroom, with the second most requested remodel being the kitchen with 69% of people desiring it? This is because people want the latest and most modern amenities available in these important rooms. Rather than searching for homes with these additions, there are many condos for sale that offer luxurious rooms at a much more competitive deal. The real question homebuyers should ask is where to find these excellent condos for sale?

Apart from the many exciting, cultural things to do in Santa Fe, such as the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, which is a major driving force behind the large art industry in the area, it has a better quality of life for those who buy condos for sale. Not only has a Kiplinger report in 2013 named Santa Fe as the fourth greatest place to live in the United States, but it’s been rated as one of the best places to live on many other lists! Here are just of these ranks that will make you considering finding condos for sale and homes for sale in Santa Fe!

Great for foodies!

According to Sperling’s Best Places, a city information site, “Santa Fe has a distinct culinary style that incorporates Mexican traditions. Blue corn tortillas and locally grown produce are some of the major ingredients in the Santa Fe food scene. Native American and Spanish influences also contribute to Santa Fe’s characteristic local fare.” When shopping for condos for sale, why not go out and experience Tia Sofia’s breakfast burritos, the Compound’s market fresh dishes, and Kokawa Chocolate House’s bacon green chile chocolate truffle?

One of the sunniest places to retire!

According to Money Magazine, Santa Fe is one of seven “underrated retirement havens.” The AARP also calls Santa Fe one of its top ten most sunny places to retire, saying it’s for “retirees attracted by clear light, mountain scenery and creativity.” Residents also have a higher life expectancy than normal, as AARP cites the fact that “Santa Fe does have an ample supply of doctors, so basic medical attention is readily available, as are all manner of alternative healing and holistic medicine practices, including good old sunlight therapy.” Plus, its great for retirees because the condos for sale are highly affordable.

Incredibly green!

Travel and Leisure, a vacationing news site, calls Santa Fe green, citing its new LEED-certified convention center that was built largely using recycled materials. Any city that emphasizes going green is a great place to live, as it pushes for healthier lifestyles, which in turn increases the quality of living.

So why not search for Santa Fe luxury homes for sale and discover why Conde Nast’s Traveler ranked Santa Fe as the second best city, calling it a “heaven where souls vacation”? There are almost as many condos for sale in Santa Fe as there are reasons to live there. If you have any questions about condos for sale, feel free to ask in the comments! For more about this, go here.

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