These Minecraft 1.19 Mods Make Storage a Breeze! – Web Hosting Sky

The aging process can become complex or chaotic in your Minecraft life over time? You either are surrounded by a lot of chests that are not organized or one of the more elaborate sorting system. Imagine if it were possible to combine the practicality and efficiency of storage. These 1.19 Minecraft mods will allow you to store your items in a way that is easy. These modifications are guaranteed to take any Minecraft dedicated server up to the next level.

First, the backpacks mod. Another mod is the backpack mod. This mod allows you to include several levels of backpacks to your game. Every tier is able to carry more and more items. The larger backpacks also come with sorting functionality and addons. In this case, for example, you might use your larger backpack to suck the dirt and cobblestones from mining directly into it so that it does not clog up your inventory. Then, you’ll be able to be able to stay for longer in mines.

Another fantastic way for storing Minecraft 1.19 items are Iron Chests Restocks. It adds a number of new chests made of different minerals. Each chest is unique in that each one has several storage slots that are based on the mineral it is made of. Diamond chests will contain greater storage space than an iron chest. This mod is a re-imagining of the cult Iron Chests mod. It is bound to be an instant favorite.


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