The Basics of Using Insulation – Las Vegas Home

system, and can deaden sound from the surrounding area in order to keep your home quiet and peaceful. This video explains how to decide on and apply the correct insulation for your house.

One of the primary metrics that insulation contractors use to assess the quality of insulation will be the R-value. The insulation will be high as it helps keep hot and cold air out in the winter months and vice versa for summer. Generally, quality insulation will have an R-value that is between 3.5-4.5.

A vapor barrier, also known as a the vapor retarder, is yet another element of insulation. In the areas which are cold the majority of the year the vapor barrier would be installed on the inside of the insulation for the house. The vapor barrier is placed over the exterior of insulation when it is warm. Warm air is attracted towards cold areas which is why the vapor barrier can stop the process from occurring.

There are lots of areas in the US that do not have continuous warm and cold weather. The cold winters are accompanied by warm summers, so it is a vapor deflector that is commonly used. You can use it for either direction of heating dissipating heat from outdoors or inside the home.

To learn more, check out the video below.


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