Testing the Premises for Asbestos – UNM Continuing Education

Posure to asbestos is an extremely dangerous chemical and well-known carcinogen.

Asbestosis can lead to shortness in breath, scarring , or damage to the lungs. Long-term exposure to asbestos fibers causes lung disease, cancer mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

What can you tell whether you’ve inhaled asbestos? Most common signs are the cough, chest pain and the shortness of breath. Symptoms appear many years after frequent exposure. In the short term, symptoms from exposure are not yet known.

In order to find asbestos, who do you contact? To confirm the presence of asbestos, you can call an EPA-approved contractor. The contractors they employ are educated and certified in handling asbestos.

When it comes to asbestos removal the asbestos contractor should generally be hired. It is intended to limit the amount of asbestos fibres that release into the air as a result of repair or removal.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to asbestos-containing fibers, seek out your physician. They may then recommend the services of a specialist, if necessary. If you believe there’s substance that is asbestos-containing, please contact your local EPA-approved contractor. lgnzqdvzbe.

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