Stormwater Drainage System

Filter for catch basin

Excessive rainfall can cause a lot of damage to homes, parking lots, roads, and certain rural areas. Using the right type of solutions is needed to prevent flooding, but solutions are also needed to successfully remove debris from the water being collected. A stormwater drainage system is designed to prevent flooding while filtering the water and in doing so it keeps the groundwater cleaner and clear from clutter as it does down the storm drains. There are several steps to consider when implementing a stormwater drainage system. Each stormwater drainage system is unique and needs to be designed by engineers in order to meet the needs of a specific are.

The first step that involves the implementation of a stormwater drainage system is analyzing the land and surrounding areas. Engineers are hired and a map is created to determine which areas are susceptible to flooding and which areas are not so they know where to put stormwater drainage systems. The topography of the land has a great deal to do with how stormwater drainage systems are designed. One of the most obvious types of drainage systems we see every day is in parking lots. Parking lots require a stormwater drainage system to avoid flooding and the building of garbage, oil, chemicals, and other debris that water picks up.

A specific amount of slop is needed in parking lots to guide water into a certain direction, which is usually a drain found in the middle of the parking lot. This drain is typically covered with a metal grate, and further down there is a filtration system. Some stormwater drainage systems are equipped with several stages of filters in order to remove all debris successfully from the water. The Environmental Protection Agency sets guidelines for engineers to follow when desiging stormwater drainage systems.

The next step involved with installing a system to drain water effectively is designing the equipment that will be fitted in specific areas. Even rural areas have systems for draining water away from roads and certain areas. Ditches along highways are seen every day, and they are one of the most effective stormwater drainage systems that are still being used today. Filters, pipes, metal grates, and a certain percentage of a slope are all combined to design an effective system to prevent flooding. A variety of products can be found online for stormwater drainage systems.

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