Signs That It Might Be Time To Get Your Furniture Repaired

Everyone has that one old couch or antique dresser that they can’t bear to part with. Whether it’s because of sentimental value or actual value as an antique, some furniture is just difficult to part with. However, not all furniture and upholstery is meant to last forever, and at some point, you’ll likely be in need of furniture or upholstery repair. Here’s how to know if it’s time for some furniture repair or upholstery repair for your most treasured household items.

  • Fading upholstery: If the fabric on your favorite couch or chair is starting to look a bit off-color, it might be time to have it repaired. Sunlight and UV rays can fade fabric over time, turning your once favorite piece into an eyesore. Upholstery repair, however, can get it looking as good as new in no time.
  • Stained fabric or wood: For some stains, you might be able to save the material if you catch it quickly enough. However, for stains that have long since set, you might need to replace the upholstery to get it back to where it once was. Check with local upholstery services to see what you can do to fix that stubborn spot on the sofa; sometimes, there might be ways to remove those stubborn stains, but chances are replacing the fabric will result in a better final product.
  • Worn out cushions or upholstery: After years of use, some furniture just won’t look quite the same as when you first got it. Cushions may seem slack, or a particular corner of a seat on a chair might be worn thin. Upholstery services can help bring new life into your favorite furniture without having to replace the items entirely.

If you’re going to be repairing your furniture, make sure that it’s worth the investment to repair it rather than replace it. The average cost of reupholstering furniture is $660, with small chairs costing as little as $150 and large pieces like sofas costing as much as $1500 or more, depending on fabric choice. However, for those pieces that you can’t put a price on, upholstery repair and furniture repair is a great way to restore and save treasured household items.


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