Showcasing a DAF Dissolved Air Flotation System – Cityers

Bubbles are created when the air is released. This causes dirt to build up. In this video, the DAF (dissolved air flotation) process is illustrated in the video. DAF is used in wastewater treatment plants to get rid of particles. It also applies to paper mills, refineries for oil and seafood companies, the chemical-mechanical polishing industries, etc.

The process happens within a float tank that contains some coagulant, such as aluminum sulfate. For easier particle removal, the coagulant permits particles to form large clusters. The water is then pumped into a vessel using tension, and the vessel is then saturated. Small bubbles are created that trap oil and grease as well as solids. These bubbles are formed over suspended particles. Skimmers then remove them. By using a launder system, clean water flows underneath.

DAF is used for a wide range of applications to reuse water. It’s valuable due to the fact that it is less invasive it is efficient and can produce high-quality, clean water.

The DAF technology has been proven to be a process effective in treating municipal and industrial wastewater. It specifically targets oil, greases and other suspended solids to help produce quality and reusable water.


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