Roof Leaks Are Caused by These Common Issues – Spokane Events

Do you have a roof leak? This could come as a surprise and be very unsettling. Particularly if you aren’t sure of about the reason for the leak. If you don’t have a roofing professional it may be difficult to pinpoint the root for a leak. In this short video we will discuss some of the common sources of leaks in roofs.

Your gutters might be the source of many of your leaks, however it’s likely. What was the last time you cleared your gutters? That could be the reason for the issue. Over time, debris like sticks and leaves might accumulate in gutters. This clogs the gutter and hinders the drainage of water out of the roof efficiently. The water can then pour back over the roof, and then seep into the ceiling. Water seeps in to your ceiling. Make sure you have a ladder and a pair in the event of this happening. After that, head to the drainage channels and begin to scrape away all dirt. It is possible to hire a professional who can assist you. Also, you may require a roofer to replace the shingles that have been compromised.


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