Recovering from a House Fire

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Fire and water damage are two of the most detrimental occurrences in a home. Just slightly less than 40% of American homeowners have lost money due to water damage, which can occur for a variety of reasons. Though it sometimes occurs because of flooding, it also frequently comes in conjunction with fire damage. When the fire department uses water to extinguish a fire, it sometimes causes water damage, compounding the after effects of fire damage significantly.

How Does it Happen?

For the most part, home structure fires happen between 5 and 8 PM, dinner hours for many American families. This is hardly surprising, since cooking is the leading precipitant of home fires in the U.S. These fires usually result in smoke damage as well as water damage, both of which require professional fire and water damage restoration services.

What Can Happen?

Smoke and water damage can actually be very severe. Repairing water damage often includes not only attention to warped and sodden furniture, but to mold clean up. Mold can cause major health risks like respiratory infection for those exposed to it regularly. Though minor water damage can normally be dealt with rather easily by homeowners, the water damage restoration services that are part of house fire restoration are often highly specialized.

After a house fire, smoke damage clean up is also important. Smoke can be damaging to a home’s infrastructure as well as to cosmetic elements. Smoke damage clean up often involves removal and replacement of affected areas and very intense cleaning of areas that can be cleaned.

Who to Call

There are a few companies that specialize is water and smoke damage clean up. These are your best bet as many standard cleaning companies do not focus on such severe situations. Call your local water and smoke damage clean up company for help, and above all, don’t try to tackle the whole situation on your own. It is critical to your health and to the health of your family that fire restoration be done safely and done well. Find out more here.

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