Persian Rugs Are Extremely Valuable – Consumer Review

It is important to take good treatment of your carpet. It is possible to have your carpets taken care of by a professional cleaning service.

Persian rug designs were initially made during the Middle East. They were primarily made in Iran. There are many varieties of designs and styles used. Actually, every village is unique of their rugs, which has changed over time. Although one village may use specific patterns, another might pick distinct designs.

The classic Persian rug is constructed of dyed wool from sheep. The colors are also derived from the natural world. The sources are plants and insects. The yarn is spun to wool and then strung onto a loom. The knots are made using hand-made techniques. There are rugs that have as much 1,000 knots per square inch of rug. This process of weaving by hand is a lengthy process. One meter of carpet can be woven by one person in a month. This is the reason carpets usually are divided into different sections that require one person to work on each section. It is a long-lasting and laborious. This is the reason, and the use premium natural materials which is why these Persian carpets are quite expensive.


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