Pentek Water Filters

Pentek water filters

New studies show both public and private water supplies are contaminated with some form of bacteria. For example, around 15 percent of public water supplies are contaminated with bacteria like coliform bacteria. Almost 40 percent of private water supplies are contaminated as well. In order to ensure people have access to water free from contaminates, the proper water filtration system must be utilized. Pentek water filters, for example, or efficient with removing bacteria and other contaminates found in both public and private water supplies. In addition to Pentek water filters, people can utilize Omni water filters as well. Bacteria aren’t the only types of pollutants people should be worried about in their water supply.

The Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA, is in charge with regulating over 80 different contaminates that are found in public and private water supplies. Pentek water filters can remove arsenic, e coli, and chlorine from water supplies. Cryptosporidia and lead are also contaminates that can be removed with the proper water filters as well. Fluoride is another contaminate that should be removed from people’s water supplies because fluoride is known to cause dental fluorosis. In fact, fluoride can cause a reduction in IQ in young children according to some studies.

Pentek water filters and other types of filters are easily found online. An American plumber water filter prevents the possibility of contaminants from sneaking in. Chemicals that are used to treat water can also be harmful to your health. A whole house water filter is a much more efficient system for removing pollutants from water supplies. Reading reviews online about Pentek water filters is highly encouraged if you’re interested in maintaining the safety of your water supply. Water filters are especially important for families with young children because kids are more susceptible to threats of contaminants.

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