Make Your Living Room Light Softer Using Beaded Light Shades

Chandelier shades

If your kids are afraid of the dark and you are wondering what to do, you are not alone. When you are a child, being scared of the dark is almost expected. It is stranger when a child is not afraid of the dark, rather than when they are afraid of it. By giving your child bead shade night lights, you can help them get over their fear of the dark and help them get used to it.

If you have darker hallways inside your home, having bead shade night lights can help your family members navigate the halls at nighttime. Since looking at bright lights makes it more difficult for people to fall asleep once they have woken up in the middle of the night, using bead shade night lights can prevent this from happening. By using a beaded night light shade you can make the night light softer and not having the sleepless feeling after crawling back into bed at night.

If you have more than one story in your home, chances are that you and your family members are going to be wandering up and down the stairs during the day and night. When you have stairs, having bead shade night lights that line the stairs can look awesome and keep your family safe from falling down the stairs. Having a lack of vision at night can be dangerous, even in your own home. To prevent an unfortunate event from happening, using bead shade night lights can be very helpful and increase safety.

If you are into things that improve the look of your home, using decorative chandelier shades can spice up any ordinary lamp in your home. Not only can you enjoy the bead shade night lights but you can also throw some shades on a living room lamp and make the light softer for when guests are around or you and your family are enjoying a night at home. You can make sure your lights are dim and non invasive for family movie night, and then you will not be getting any glares on the TV screen.

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