Landlords Should Ensure Proper Wiring Before Tenancy

Electrician kensington

UK property owners today often find it easier to take in boarders than to sell property. This has led to a rise in landlords, several of whom do not understand their responsibilities, like wiring. To ensure safe wiring, a landlord should have her property inspected by an electrician Richmond.

Landlords should first understand that she is responsible for safe electric wiring on premise. UK tenancy law states that a landlord could face judicial action if she neglects any wiring issues and the tenant is killed or injured. A landlord should make regular visual scans to spot faulty wiring.

There are many electrical problems that a landlord cannot see, and require inspection. An electrician Fulham can perform this. Using his thorough knowledge of the trade, an electrician chiswick, if properly certified, can diagnose any wiring problems, and either recommend or implement corrective action.

Of course, problems could arise after the tenancy begins. In this case, a landlord should certify the wiring at least once a year, preferably with the same electrician Chelsea. By using the same electrician Richmond, he is more likely to be familiar with the wiring, and spot problems more quickly. A routine stream of inspections could save the landlord from liability exposure, and establish trust between the landlord and the tenant.

Electrical safety is too important of an issue to leave unaddressed. Landlords, particularly newer landlords, should contact an electrician Richmond to inspect premises. Not only can a skilled electrician richmond prevent injury or harm, but also offer both parties piece of mind.

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