Installing an Asphalt Driveway How Its Done – Benro Properties

Too much heat could cause cracks, which could cause irreparable damage to your asphalt surface. Here is an overview of what you should expect to see during asphalt paving installation.

The primary step in this process is to demolish and removal of existing layer of the surface. Forklifts, heavy machines or bobcats are used in this procedure. Any loose material is eliminated with the machines. Once loose components are removed, surface automated motor graders can be employed to level the ground. This allows water to flow properly. A reliable asphalt installation contractor will level the surface and be sure that it is free of no crowns. The presence of crowns can cause premature degradation of the asphalt.

The next process is to make the sub-base for stabilization of the asphalt surface. In order for asphalt to last its longevity, the subbase should be properly graded and filled with a good amount of compacted. One way to determine whether the sub-base is packed is by checking its flex under the load. The base should not shift over 1/8 inch.

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