How to Properly Clean Your AC – J Search

Air condition services are available. Here in RoyTecTips, we’ll teach you step-by-step how you can clean your air conditioner effectively.
Dry your AC

If the AC has been operating for some time and you’re not sure how to stop it, shut it down and take a few hours before taking it off to clean. When you dry your AC it will not have to deal with moisture and bad odor.

Safety first

Make sure to shut off your AC and unplug it directly from the mains power source. Otherwise, you might cause an electrical accident while cleaning the AC.

Clean the air filters

Clean the air filter from the AC and clean them with warm water, be sure to get rid of all dirt and other elements of the filter and let the air filter completely dry prior to placing them back onto the AC.

Use an air blower

It is recommended to use an air compressor to wash your AC. Be sure to blow carefully through each aspect of the AC.

This will help ensure that the AC operates smoothly and efficiently. Don’t call any air conditioner companies and be on the lookout at our AC videos.


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