How Apartments for Elderly Parents Should Be Set Up Turning Your Basement Into an Apartment – Family Issues

Then, we’ll take the things from the home and then bring them back to the residence.

3. Hire a Cleaning Service

A basement that’s been neglected throughout the years is another reason why you may be reluctant to put in the effort to revamp it. You might not have utilized the basement regularly. A space that’s cluttered is messy, dirty, or vulnerable to spills. Cleaning services can take care of the mess.

There are local home cleaners to help sort through piles of garbage and place it into boxes. The basement will be tidy with fresh scent and is prepared for any home improvement. When you’re done with the remodeling, contact them to help clean and prepare the area to be used.

Setting up in the Space

You’ve hired professionals, cleaned the area, and you now you’ve got a dry basement waiting to remodel. How do you make your area appear like a well-functioning apartment for your elderly parents? Here are seven ideas to set up your space.

1. Create New floors

Your flooring is probably to be made of cement. You don’t want your elderly parents to walk around in bare feet on cold cement. Carpet made of wood isn’t recommended since the accumulation of moisture and sweating can lead to stretching and cracking. This is why you should choose a material that’s dry, comfortable, and anti-slip.

Installed carpets are the two possible floor choices. It is important that the floor be ideal for elderly people because they’ll be using the space. It’s not simple to combine beauty and comfort.

2. Upgrade Lighting

Lighting is also an important factor for basements that are utilized as homes for parents with elderly parents. The use of bright light bulbs is recommended by the CDC for ensuring that the home you live in is properly illuminated. As basements lack natural lighting already so you could make the most of it by installing bright lighting fixtures.

In selecting light fixtures, settle for warm colors that do not create shadows and basement gloom. It is important to employ an electrician who is licensed.


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