How Apartments for Elderly Parents Should Be Set Up Turning Your Basement Into an Apartment – Family Issues

re and cement sweating can lead to warping. You need to choose an insulated, warm, water-resistant and slip-resistant fabric.

Installed carpets are just two of the floor choices. Since senior adults will be making use of the living area, the floor needs to be supple to avoid damage in case that they fall. But it’s not an easy equilibrium since they need to feel comfortable and have a pleasing appearance.

2. Upgrade Lighting

Good lighting is another consideration when it comes to basements utilized as homes to parents who have elderly parents. Bright light bulbs are recommended by the CDC to ensure that your house is adequately light. Bright light fixtures can be used to compensate for basements that lack natural lighting.

For lighting fixtures to choose make sure you choose warm shades without shadows. They will also avoid basement darkness. To stay clear of electrical hazards and loose wires, be sure that you employ a certified electrician to set up the lighting. The lighting can be a relaxing and welcoming space for the elderly through the proper design and installation of the lighting.

3. Select and install a senior-friendly bathroom design

Parents who are aging will probably have a more difficult time staying inside should they be old enough to get around. One of the best things you could do when creating basements into apartments for parents who are elderly is to choose bathrooms that allow the user to have access to it and is comfortable. Security is the top concern for shower rooms since shower rooms are typically areas that are the most risky to fall or slip.

A plumber should inspect the plumbing fixtures to ensure they are accessible with lever-type fixtures. But, they don’t need to be only practical. You can improve comfort by having a fold-down seat in your shower. Select horizontal grab bars over diagonal. They have the higher chance of being slammed.

4. Windows Exit Software

Most basements were not originally built for the long-term stay. So, windows could appear small and uninviting. The windows may be dingy during the process of re


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