Home Temperature Not Where You’d Like it? Might be Time for Heating and Cooling Repairs

Affordable furnace repair

During the frigid winter months, bundling up in two sweatshirts, long underwear and a big blanket might be the best way to stay warm. In the hot summer, walking around in just a birthday suit – if nobody is around of course – and keeping a fan blowing on you permanently might be the only way to stay cool. However, those extreme measures might only be a necessity if you don’t have a reliable HVAC heating and cooling system. Virtually every American home has a furnace that pumps out heat during the winter, and some 85% of homes in the Southern U.S. have central air to help stay comfortable. Unfortunately, there are a number of different problems that can prevent them from functioning properly.

Every home is different, so there is no guarantee that you will have to deal with any specific problem. However, blown fuses, worn out coils, busted thermostats, clogged filters, leaky ducts, broken gas valves, and malfunctioning compressors are all common issues. While there are some DIY projects that homeowners can take on, such as replacing filters, hiring heating and air conditioning contractors is generally the best way to diagnose and overcome problems. Investing in residential heating and cooling repairs is vital for homeowners who want to stay comfortable throughout the year without having to drastically change their wardrobe.

Even small issues, over time, could turn into major ones that require extensive and costly repairs. So though you might not notice a big difference when it seems like your AC unit isn’t getting quite as cold as it used to, having heating and air conditioning contractors take a look right away is always smart. They could uncover a serious issue that simply hasn’t had a major impact yet, and make an easy fix rather than a complex one.

Beyond keeping your home at the proper temperature, working with heating and cooling companies to get systems repaired is smart for making sure HVAC systems work efficiently. When they work harder than normal, you might see a serious spike in electric bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for around 55% of all energy use in the average home, so reducing the energy used for those systems can be quite financially beneficial. As a result, getting repairs that help improve efficiency will always prove to be worthwhile.

If you don’t want to bundle up like Ralphie’s brother in A Christmas Story to stay warm in the winter or wear nothing more than Gaylord Focker when he enters the pool in Meet the Parents to beat the heat, then having a dependable HVAC system is a must. Fortunately, skilled and experienced heating and air conditioning contractors are always available to help make that happen. See more.

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