Hoarding Clean UpThe Issues are Varied and Complicated

Hoarding clean up

Most of us had no idea what a hoarder was five years ago.

Now cable television has brought the disease and its effects into our homes. If someone you know and love has the problem, hoarding clean up can be a daunting task.

For starters, the person involved may have just recently come to grips with the fact that they are a hoarder and need help. That can easily help the process of hoarding clean up get started. If the person you know does not accept that they have become a hoarder, then professional intervention may be necessary to help them understand their position and approach dealing with it. This is a step that is seldom easy.

If you are prepared to begin hoarding lean up, sit down and start to think this through. Cleaning up a hoarder takes special planning and skills which you may not have. A hoarding clean up, for instance, can be properly compared to a crime scene clean up, even a meth lab clean up or meth lab remediation.

That is not an exaggeration. You have to deal with sanitation, even biohazards and medical waste, in hoarding clean up as well as crime scene clean up. A hoarding clean up can involve animals, a lot of animals. The more there are, the more likely some are close to feral and will not acquiesce to being moved out of their homes.

Even if there are no animals, hoarding clean up always deals with piles of trash, odors from decaying food or materials, mold, household chemical spills and vapors, and the possibility of infection from touching materials or breathing leftover vapors and odors. Someone will have to sort and pile and bag and box, and difficult decisions by the hoarder will have to made along the way.

The goal of hoarding clean up is twofold: first, to remove and dispose of what must be thrown out and second, to restore the home or building to livable condition. But hoarding clean up is also an emotional transference for the hoarder, back to a more normal lifestyle. Dealing with people who go through this process can be wrenching, especially for family members of loved ones.

Now that you have done some thinking, and realize that something like a meth lab cleanup is usually left up to crime scene clean up companies, maybe it is time to find out what you and your family can do yourselves, and what you want to leave to a professional. Visit here for more: www.xtremecleaners.com

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