Go Botox and Never Go Back – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists


There are two major products: Toxin A (the most well-known) and Toxin B (the least). The two have various uses. At present, Botox approval covers ailments like eye conditions, hyperactive bladder, stiff muscles, migraines, as well as cosmetics.
Botox is a cosmetic treatment to lessen wrinkles. It’s often used on areas like the eyes, forehead, and the chin. Botox is an option for cosmetic purposes for patients older than 18. The initial injection can be used for 3 to 4 weeks. It could last longer after subsequent treatments.
What is Botox injection, the Botulinum toxinwhich is the principal Botox product, must be administered by a certified medical professional. Botulinum injections are injected into the injured muscles to help treat eye disorders as well as wrinkles, spasms, and spasms. When using Botox to avert migraines, the toxins are administered to the head or neck muscles and into the skin as a treatment for excessive sweating. Botox does not have a limit on age, meaning you can use it until you reach the age of 60.

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