Get the Return on Investment From Your Home Improvements

St. louis kitchen cabinets

When considering St. Louis remodeling first take a look at the kitchen and the bathroom. Why? Because these are the places people tend to think of first when considering the resale of the home. If a kitchen and bathroom have been remodeled, it not only gives homeowners peace of mind and comfort while living in the home, but when it comes time to sell the home, a beautifully remodeled kitchen and bathroom will help sell the home.

Formerly bathrooms in the past were all about decoration and style. Today, functionality and practicality are all the rage when St. Louis bathroom remodeling. If a potential home buyer is turned off by a bathroom, the chance of making sale drastically reduces. St. Louis bathroom remodeling can help the overall appearance of the bathroom, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Many St. Louis bathroom remodeling jobs can include simple changes such as installing a bathtub liner. They come in a variety of colors and can even be customized to include soap compartments, safety rails and other shower accessories.

The same can be said about St. Louis kitchen design. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It only makes sense that the place where many people spend the most of their time at home should reflect modern style, craftsmanship and beauty. St. louis kitchen cabinets are the first things people notice in a kitchen. Cabinet refacing is a fantastic way to update the look of your kitchen. Next are appliances. You can find energy efficient appliances in selections that will aid your St. Louis kitchen remodeling project.

Also, when a home buyer is making decisions, they are first going to look for more options in the kitchen. Over a third of people who are remodeling a kitchen want more storage. But St. Louis home remodeling can give your home the fresh perspective it needs. By mixing and matching ideas from other St. Louis remodeling projects, as well as combining the right colors and styles from other St. Louis bathroom remodeling jobs, one can create space that add value to the home. Read more.

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  1. My parents plan to stay in their home for a while and enjoy their new kitchen and bathroom. Though it will help them sell their house, it’s also nice for them to enjoy while they still live there!

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