Four Components Every Quality Commercial Lavatory Should Possess

Modern toilets

As most people know, not every commercial lavatory looks or performs in the same way. Some lavatories are downright awful, while others shine for their modern features and their cleanliness. At the end of the day, though, there exist four components that make some lavatories stand far above their lesser counterparts.

One: A commercial lavatory should have a nice appearance to it, whether that commercial lavatory is located in a professional office building or a discount retailer. Appearance means a lot for a commercial space, and the lavatory is included in that aesthetic. Fortunately, manufacturers and installers add very nice looking modern toilets and shower bases to today’s commercial lavatories, thereby elevating them far beyond what they used to look like. How can something like a modern toilet elevate a space? That brings up the second most important component of today’s commercial lavatory, which revolves around function.

Two: A commercial lavatory should function well, meaning that all pieces should work and should be up to code. The aesthetics are important of course for these commercial spaces, but the components of those spaces have to serve important functions as well. The higher they function, the fewer the times professionals will need to be called in to fix problems. And toilets that are modern are one area in which function is elevated. These modern components are more water efficient than their earlier counterparts, and they use less energy for each flush as well. This brings costs down for building operators both in terms of maintenance and in energy and water usage.

Three: A commercial lavatory should be thoroughly inspected prior to anyone setting foot in it. Professional plumbers and other experts like electricians must be used for installation purposes, particularly where commercial buildings are concerned. Since these rooms are used much more than their residential counterparts, they are more susceptible to stronger wear and tear. Thus, the professionals have to be the ones to install the toilets, the faucets and sinks, and the other main features that any commercial lavatory should have in it.

Four: A commercial lavatory should have high quality products in it. As mentioned above, these rooms are used very frequently, and they may break down faster when lesser quality equipment is added. Therefore, using items that are on the higher quality level for the initial installation can lead to less problems down the road and more longevity for these products and for these rooms.
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