Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space With Contemporary Outdoor Planters

Precast concrete planters

Do you live in an apartment or other small dwelling that does not have a yard, and yet you want to enjoy some flowers or greenery? Perhaps you are looking for a great way to accentuate your patio or garden area of your yard? Contemporary outdoor planters can fit those needs.

Contemporary outdoor planters can add visual appeal to your outdoor space, whether you want to grow vegetables or just add a splash of floral color. Here are a few tips for using contemporary outdoor planters.

First, determine the sites where you want to place these decorative outdoor planters. You want to make sure that the planters will receive the correct amount of sunlight depending on the type of plants you are growing. Measure the area you want to place your contemporary outdoor planters. Take these measurements with you when you visit your garden shop to ensure a good fit.

Choose the planters that will suit your needs. Plastic planters are easy to move; however, they will degrade quickly in the sun. Terra cotta can provide a warm look, but are difficult to move and dry out fast.

Choose contemporary outdoor planters that have the proper drainage holes. If you choose planters without drainage, you run the risk of root rot. Fill your contemporary outdoor planters with a rich potting soil. You should leave a couple of inches at the top for mulch.

Take your chosen plants and give the roots a spray of liquid fertilizer to give them a growing boost. Place the greenery in your contemporary outdoor planters and pack the soil around the base. Follow this with a layer of mulch to help lock in moisture. Then give the plants a thorough watering.

You should place your contemporary outdoor planters and urns on brick or wood. This will allow for proper drainage. Keep an eye on your plants for dryness or moisture loss. Only water the plants when the soil is dry because overwater can damage the root system.

After the growing season, you should wrap your contemporary outdoor planters or large plant containers. If you have an area inside where you can store them, this will let them last longer.

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