Chimney Liners and Chimney Covers Promote Green, Efficient Homes

Chimney caps

Chimney liners, chimney covers, and other chimney accessories go a long way in making for a great chimney. But what, exactly, is the trait of a great chimney? A great chimney can let emissions flow smoothly and efficiently through the flue, without any dangerous build up. Chimney covers and chimney liners can make sure that emissions flow naturally, and can even clean the flues themselves.

Chimneys have evolved a long way since the earliest days. Early chimneys were earth, adobe or masonry, and involved no chimney flue liners or chimney covers. The Romans just used tubes in bakeries or foundries to release smoke. With masonry chimneys in 12th century Europe, a chimney liner was often the walls of the flue, hence the need for chimney sweeps in 19th century Europe. Chimney covers were non existent, permitting cold air to harden soot. Coal and other dirty feedstock produced plenty of soot that stuck to chimney liners.

Modern chimney liners and chimney caps increase energy efficiency. By preventing buildup, chimney covers and liners do not just increase the rate of feedstock consumption. Rather, chimney covers and liners promote greener living, and reduce dangerous emissions. UL stainless steel chimney liners are not just a great way to keep a chimney clean, but are also very easy to install.

Chimney liners and covers also reduce harm a chimney can cause. Improperly cleaned chimneys not only waste energy, but can cause chimney fires. Worse, improperly cleaned chimneys are a source of carbon monoxide.

Chimney liners and chimney covers are a great way to make chimneys work better. Not only does a chimney liner and cover decrease the need to clean, but also promotes energy efficiency, reduces harmful emissions, and removes several health hazards from your living space. To have one installed, one should call a licensed chimney services company, and see what they can offer and install in terms of a good chimney cover and chimney liner.

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