Basic Car Part Repair Tips and Parts Everyone Should Know – Car Stereo Wiring

Car owners. (Watch the clip towards the the end to find out more). The following are essential part repair tips and parts you should have in your arsenal:
1. Light

Many people do not realize that lighting is essential to the headlamps, taillights and fog lamps. The lights all aid a person to see at night or when there is fog outside.

2. Lubrication

Lubricants are crucial in every car since they to reduce friction on the moving parts. It is an essential part of maintenance for cars since it saves money and helps prevent any damage.

3. Transmission

It is advised to test the manual transmission each year at the minimum If it is equipped with one. This will ensure that the gearbox is operating correctly.

4. Coolant

The coolant , or liquid, is found inside the radiator which helps in keeping the vehicle cool and prevents excessive heat. It’s located underneath the hood of your car near that washer’s fluid. To learn more, call your local dealer today!


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