An Exercise for Implicit Bias Awareness Online Magazine Publishing

One’s biases are crucial for being able to treat others with respect and fairness, but biases are often rooted into our brains which makes them hard to overcome. A great way to overcome biases and prejudices in our minds is to practice this technique for conscious bias.

The task is to write down the top 10 people that you most trust on a piece paper. Don’t think much about it. Listen to what your heart is telling you. After that, list the gender, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, and the level of education for everyone on the list.

Do you see any similarities among those you selected? The majority of those you selected are likely to be exactly like you. There is a general belief we all have that says people like us are more respected over those who aren’t the same as we. This may limit what we learn on a a daily basis.

This activity should allow you to expand your listener base. Begin to spend time with those who have different views than your own. Pay attention to their opinions. It is the only way to get past your prejudices and build a more well-rounded worldview.


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