An Animated Look at the Glaucoma Treatment Procedure – News Articles About Health

(which is typically (which is typically elevated) damages or threatens to the optic nerve. Overinflated eyes can look like a ball. The fluid in your eye is unable to properly be drained. It can cause injury to the optic nerve and even lead to blurred vision. To alleviate the pressure in the eyes, your physician may prescribe oral medications and, less frequently the prescription drops for your eyes. If the medication doesn’t work, surgery is an option.

If the drug causes serious adverse effects, such as fast heart beat, weakness, or high blood pressure you might consider glaucoma treatment. When the eye pressure is elevated and your vision is in danger, some patients require it right away. Following the treatment for the condition, you’ll be back home within about a week. A doctor could recommend certain guidelines or precautions. Don’t get any water into the eyes. Your eyes may feel swollen and itchy or even red. There can be a small bump in the area where the cut was performed also. If you wish to understand this process better, view this animation and be informed.


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