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You will receive more useful facts. Mohs surgery is the most effective treatment rate for skin cancer and the lowest recurrence rate. It has been proved to be the best for the treatment of various types of skin cancer, which includes basal cells and squamous carcinomas. Some surgeons are also successfully making use of Mohs surgery on certain cases of melanoma.

Mohs surgery is a specific procedure in dermatologic surgery for treating skin cancer. The procedure’s name is derived from Frederick E. Mohs, surgeon who created this technique, and it is called Mohs micrographic surgery.The Mohs procedure takes place at the workplace, the surgeon using a local anesthetic that numbs the area completely. After local anesthetic is administered, the surgeon employs an instrument to remove the tiny layers of skin by layer in a saucer form, followed by marking with colored dyes, and then mapped. The specimen is then frozen, cut into thin slices and then transferred onto glass slides by a Mohs histotechnician. The Mohs doctor then inspects the slides with a microscope in order to measure the degree of skin cancer and identify microscopic roots. If you want to start, consult a dermatology clinic. jmqk3l3mss.

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