5 Tips on Making a Small Space Feel Bigger

Is your living space feeling more like a storage closet?

Luckily, there are ways you can make the most out of your living arrangements, even if it’s tiny. Whether you want to transform that cramped guest bedroom, or make your tiny college apartment seem larger than it really is, use these helpful tips to trick your eye.

Add Mirrors

Familiar with the term ‘smoke and mirrors’? It’s often used when describing a clever illusion. Mirrors are fantastic for tricking the human eye and work well in home decor for this very reason.

Select a large mirror, with a minimal frame and place it against the wall. The light will bounce off of its surface to give that desired illusion of space. If you wish to hang your mirror, hang it low, to make the walls appear taller than they really are.

Paint the Walls With a Light Colored Air Purifying Paints

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to painting your home. It’s your space, and you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it. However, any interior decorator will tell you that if you want to make your area feel roomier, use neutral and light colors. An eggshell paint, for example, is classy, but will also brighten up the room. Like the mirror trick, this brings more light in and makes it feel more clean and appealing.

Also, if you’re in such closed-off quarters, use air-purifying paints to help improve the quality. They are non-toxic and rid the air of harmful pollutants such as acetone and formaldehyde.

Pass on Heavy Drapes and Rugs

These items can drag the room down, so opt for light linens and ditch the rug altogether.

Scale Your Furniture Down

Purchase smaller furniture to give you more room, and also make the area seem larger than it actually is. Instead of a queen bed, purchase a twin. Instead of having an entire coffee table in the middle of the room, opt for a small matching bedside tables on either side of the bed.

Purchase A Bed That Doubles as Storage

Storage is another huge factor to consider. Clutter can make the room feel cramped, so eliminate what you don’t need and find a clever way to store the items you want to keep.

If your living space feels more like a broom closet than an actual room, use some of these helpful tips to open up the area. By adding mirrors, using neutral air purifying paints, and improving your storage skills, you’ll become a minimalist master.

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