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Take Care of Your Appliances!

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No matter what kind of appliances you buy, they will always have a shelf life. Even top of the line appliances will undergo normal wear and tear over the years. An electric stove only last an average of 13 years, according to CBS News, and a washing machine’s lifespan is only a year more. These appliances, and refrigerators, are probably the most used appliances in any household, so maintaining them as carefully as possible is important. But if they do happen to break down or stop working, you can attempt to fix them if you know how to fix a stove burner, how to repair refrigerators, or how to repair appliances around the house. If not, Continue Reading No Comments

Are You Looking for a Good Electrician?

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If you are a homeowner who wants to know how to find a good electrician, you should probably begin by asking around. Otherwise, it might be wise to look around for the most experienced and trusted residential electricians in your area. In addition to experience and reputation, hiring an electrician who is at the top of the field requires looking at their formal electrician qualifications. Since electrical contractors are charged — no pun intended — with doing jobs that are not only hazardous to them, but could be also be dangerous to their customers, they must meet state and federal certification requirements. Thus, a good electrician will have taken all of the required electrician training course, passed all certification exams, and spend a few years working under a master electrician.

Two Ways to Maintain a Clean Office Space

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Did you know that influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is responsible for approximately 75 million work absences every year in the United States? However, providing a clean work space for your employees can decrease sickness in the office and increase productivity. There are two main ways to clean an office, and each one is beneficial in its own way. 1. Commercial cleaning services. This option involves allowing a commercial cleaning company to cleanse every area of your office. Your office kitchen, windows, and carpets, for example, can all be cleaned by a professional service. These services utilize commercial cleaning equipment in order to successfully clean every area of your office, and this is important because cold and flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 18

Top Facts You Need to Know About Getting Rid of Black Mold

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Did you know that almost 40% of all homeowners have reported loss due to water damage? Though it might not seem so, the kitchen gets cleaned far more often than most people give a thought to keyboard disinfectant spray. Because of this rather disgusting statistic, an estimated 1 out of 3 American workers will not only get sick, but still go to work when they are sick. All this means is the opportunity for more germs and bacteria to make a home in your office. Here are a few helpful tips for cleaning your home and office as naturally as possible by using natural disinfectant sprays. Bleach is almost synonymous with clean and sanitized white towels, linens, and hard surfaces throughout your home. However, have you ever wondered whether this age old chemical could be harmful for you and your fa